Our Mission

Ever since our inception a few years ago, Top Carpet Carpet Cleaners has had two primary goals – to deliver the most efficient carpet treatment possible; and to keep our prices competitive and affordable for all our London customers. Every decision we make for the growth of our team and business serves those twin tasks. You can check below how we have approached them through the years.

How Do We Guarantee Highly Effective Carpet Treatment?

Our team is the living proof that the more you do something, the better you become at it. Contrary to popular belief, professional carpet cleaning is neither complicated nor hard to master. It is an energy and time-consuming work that requires a lot of physical effort, but six months should be more than enough to get the basic principles of the job. 

Having said that, we have never aimed at being good at our job – we always wanted to be the best. We encourage our carpet cleaners to seek new information and learn about innovative techniques and equipment. In this regard, our long-term partnership with the NCCA has proved invaluable. The association is widely regarded among the top professionals in our field as the UK’s leading training institution. If you pass its demanding training courses, you can call yourself a carpet cleaner with confidence!

Skills and knowledge can only get you to a certain level of efficiency. It is one thing to recognise a problem and quickly find a solution for it. It is another to put this solution to action – and for that, you require the necessary equipment.

Top Stars Carpet Cleaning has invested heavily to create one of the most impressive arsenals of tools and heavy-duty machines in the business. From hot-water extraction machines and rotator steam washers to much more intricate tools for spot and stain removal or an antistatic carpet treatment, we have all the best gadgets for the job!

How Do We Keep Our Prices Competitive?

First, we keep a constant and detailed track of the market. We have an excellent notion of the pricing averages for each service we offer across London and strive to keep our fees within reasonable limits. 

We want to underline the fact that Top Star Carpet Cleaners does not work with the lowest prices in the city. However, we do claim that our correlation between quality and cost of service is among the best you can find in London!